Si Consulting was founded in 2003 from the Sciro group, the first certification body in Italy in the railway and metropolitan field.
The company has developed the core business regarding Verification and Validation of hardware and software, Risk Analysis and RAMS. Over the years, Si Consulting has focused on innovation and diversification by extending its skills developing software in C and C ++ for SIL applications and providing turnkey solutions according to customer needs.

This kind of activities have generated the development of simulators for decision support systems and design in the railway sector, dedicated SW for the analysis of complex databases (Big Data) up to the creation of tools for risk analysis.

Products and Software




Our mission is Excellency in supplying services for engineering, security, reliability, maintenance and verification & validation.
We can be qualified partners for our customers in process management supporting them in all critical situations from a temporal and technological point.

Si Consulting core business is mainly related to railway and urban transport but it is rapidly expanding also to the following fields: aerospace, defence, biomedical, chemical, telecommunications.