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STL (Simulatore Test da Laboratorio) is an advanced tool for interfacing with the SSB (SottoSistema di Bordo, onboard subsystem) of a train and wrapping a realistically simulated railway environment around it.

The program can perform one or more user-specified scenarios, defining in detail both the simulated driver behaviour, specifying atomic actions, and the simulated line characteristics.
At run time, STL interacts with the SSB and performs all the steps for the scenario.
Once the simulation is complete, is possible to analyse the results and highlight eventual issues regarding the SSB.
STL therefore allows to simulate systematically a series of different scenarios, in order to test the potential of the onboard system.

By using STL it's possible to:
- assess the robustness of the onboard system under stress conditions;
- execute safety-related non-regressive tests;
- identify anomalous behaviours and relative solutions.