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Railnet Traffic Simulator (RTS) is an innovative software, aimed at displaying and validate train time tables, providing a modern and efficient GUI, executing realistic and complete train traffic simulations.

RTS allows the execution of in-line simulations, switching between several types of signalling systems and line characteristics.
By using RTS interface, data of a line or a railway junction, as large and complex as desired, can be inserteded into a database. Both the physical (grade stakes, curves, distances) and signalling system (type, location of signals, limits speed) details can be provided.
RTS also takes into account the precise layout of stations and crossroads: number of tracks, point switches and allowed itineraries.
With RTS is possible to evaluate time tables for different trains and simulate the real performance of a section subjected to a certain type of traffic.

Simulation results can be displayed on RTS: these include time table plots, advances and delays at each location.

Railnet Traffic Simulator has been used for several activities, including:
- performance analysis of ERTMS for the line Warsaw - Kunowice;
- evaluation of the effect of the separation of long-distance from metropolitan traffic on the Genoa - Savona line;
- evaluation of Florence railway centre after the establishment of the new high speed line Bologna - Florence, scenario analysis of different work progress phases;
- evaluation of Genoa railway centre, relative to the expansion program as per contract between RFI and Regione Liguria;
- feasibility assessment of the new HDTS signalling system, due to a potential application on the Rome railway centre.