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Who We Are

Si Consulting is a consulting company operating in the technological field of railway and urban installation.

Si Consulting was created in 2003 in order to develop services for validation of Safety Critical systems and RAM clauses.

Born from the Sciro group, SiConsulting was the first indipendent assessor in Italy.

Our engineers are all highly qualified professionals coming from SCIRO spa where they have been operating since early 80es.

Si Consulting srl globally operates in the following areas:
- Technological advice & system design in the fields of electronics, automation, informatics, telecommunications, electric energy, mechanics, transportation, logistics and environment;
- Development of software tools, mainly devoted to design, planning simulation, automation and process management
- Verification of design and construction of infrastructures like railways, roadways, civil and naval industrial plants;
- Services of market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, business plan development, financial analysis, management analysis for industries, for the industrial, transportation and logistic areas.